Thursday, May 10, 2012

Trannies 4 life.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

I post blogs.


I hike to the top of this Hollywood Brasov sign and attempt to sit on the V.

I walk on bridge stairs!

I go to traditional villages (even if it's a museum).

I go to Dracula's Castle. IN OCTOBER.

I find pretty waterfalls and sit at the top of them (no waterfall pictured here).

I go to fortresses with my "I kiss cats" pin.

I go to Peles Castle and learn about Romania.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Kale Grant Patterson

BRYN HAD HER BABY!!! While I have tons of pictures on my camera of my cruise, I just couldn't wait to post about little Kale. He is so precious and so perfect. I got to hold him for a long time on Monday and it was the best thing. He has the cutest little face and the sweetest little cry. I loved getting to see Bryn and Tyler as parents. Kale is definitely a lucky little kid to have them as a mom and dad. Kale was born on Sunday afternoon and came into the world 7 pounds 9 ounces and 21 inches long. Mom and baby are back at home now and just loving life. Here are some pictures I got while I was visiting the hospital on Monday, they are so cute....

Kale's monkey from his Auntie Brittany :)

 As soon as I got to the hospital the lady came in wanting to take pictures of Kale so I snapped a few of my own. He wasn't very happy with her for taking his blanket off.

Mommy with her sweet baby boy :)

The Patterson Family!!

 A very proud Grandpa!

 Can you believe this lady is a Grandma? A very happy Grandma if you couldn't tell :)

 So Sweet!

Bryn's lunch at the hospital... as you can tell, not much has changed now that she is a mom. She still orders the chicken nuggets and french fries :)

I can't believe that I have friends who are having kids. It's crazy! But, I am so so so happy for Bryn and Tyler and I cannot wait to keep spoiling this kid forever. I just want to hold him all the time, Saturday can't come fast enough :) Congratulations Patterson Family!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Life Moves Pretty Fast

Hey everyone. It's me, Erin.

Can you tell what an excellent mood I'm in, or that I absolutely love my sparkling pear deodorant? There's good reason for both of those things: it keeps me feeling fresh and clean all day, and I'm going to Chicago! It's my little adventure before the new job starts in a few weeks. I've always wanted to go there and explore. I've been looking up cool things to do, but any recommendations from seasoned tourists would be appreciated. Here's my to-do list so far, 50% of which involves food:

1. Visit the Art Institute of Chicago
2. Eat a real Chicago-style hot dog
3. Eat a real Chicago deep dish pizza
4. Do this:

Though I prefer to be lead singer, I will consider back-up dancer or an alternative role in a parade to be an acceptable completion of the "to-do." Hopefully the parade will end at a pizza place or a hot dog cart. I don't have much time.

Did you know that the ark was the length of one and a half football fields? That was a big, stinky boat.

Peace and love,
Sister Moore

this is my first time uploading pictures to blogger-DON'T JUDGE ME.

Meet my Romania-mates! They are all fantastic. As I write this, one is playing the trumpet so beautifully. Seriously, she's amazing. I love listening to her.

Meet my apartment! I live on the 6th floor. The five of us take the sketchy elevator together. We got yelled at in Romanian because apparently that's too many people. We still do it.
Meet (okay the size and color is changing on its own every time I move down a picture, and apparently this sentence wants to be underlined) my scrubs!! They are so comfy. Plus when I'm in them I get to be with the cutest kids in the world. First trip wearing them-it was very hot.

Meet Asia!! Did you know I went to Asia instead? None of us could cross our legs and meditate, but props to us for trying right??

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Caribbean or Bust

Since everyone else was giving updates of their lives I wanted to give a quick update of mine :) I figure since I am watching this shameful BYU game I have some time to do something else. Well, as you may know, tomorrow I leave to go on a cruise to the southern Caribbean with my mom and uncle. I AM SO EXCITED!! Tomorrow at 3:30 I will be boarding this thing....

This is my first cruise so I don't really know what to expect but I sure am ready for it! I flew into Maryland today and got to visit with my G-Ma for a little while. We leave tomorrow and fly to Puerto Rico, so be prepared for lots and lots of pictures when I get back!

I also wanted to make a public plea that our little baby Patterson holds off on entering the world until I get back! Bryn is so so so close to her due date but that baby boy has to stay in there for at least 8 more days so Auntie Brittany can be there :)

Anyway, that is about it for me. The Cougars are not looking good and I think it's about time for this girl to get some sleep. Talk to you soon!