Wednesday, September 21, 2011

this is my first time uploading pictures to blogger-DON'T JUDGE ME.

Meet my Romania-mates! They are all fantastic. As I write this, one is playing the trumpet so beautifully. Seriously, she's amazing. I love listening to her.

Meet my apartment! I live on the 6th floor. The five of us take the sketchy elevator together. We got yelled at in Romanian because apparently that's too many people. We still do it.
Meet (okay the size and color is changing on its own every time I move down a picture, and apparently this sentence wants to be underlined) my scrubs!! They are so comfy. Plus when I'm in them I get to be with the cutest kids in the world. First trip wearing them-it was very hot.

Meet Asia!! Did you know I went to Asia instead? None of us could cross our legs and meditate, but props to us for trying right??

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