Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Life Moves Pretty Fast

Hey everyone. It's me, Erin.

Can you tell what an excellent mood I'm in, or that I absolutely love my sparkling pear deodorant? There's good reason for both of those things: it keeps me feeling fresh and clean all day, and I'm going to Chicago! It's my little adventure before the new job starts in a few weeks. I've always wanted to go there and explore. I've been looking up cool things to do, but any recommendations from seasoned tourists would be appreciated. Here's my to-do list so far, 50% of which involves food:

1. Visit the Art Institute of Chicago
2. Eat a real Chicago-style hot dog
3. Eat a real Chicago deep dish pizza
4. Do this:

Though I prefer to be lead singer, I will consider back-up dancer or an alternative role in a parade to be an acceptable completion of the "to-do." Hopefully the parade will end at a pizza place or a hot dog cart. I don't have much time.

Did you know that the ark was the length of one and a half football fields? That was a big, stinky boat.

Peace and love,
Sister Moore

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