Saturday, September 17, 2011

Caribbean or Bust

Since everyone else was giving updates of their lives I wanted to give a quick update of mine :) I figure since I am watching this shameful BYU game I have some time to do something else. Well, as you may know, tomorrow I leave to go on a cruise to the southern Caribbean with my mom and uncle. I AM SO EXCITED!! Tomorrow at 3:30 I will be boarding this thing....

This is my first cruise so I don't really know what to expect but I sure am ready for it! I flew into Maryland today and got to visit with my G-Ma for a little while. We leave tomorrow and fly to Puerto Rico, so be prepared for lots and lots of pictures when I get back!

I also wanted to make a public plea that our little baby Patterson holds off on entering the world until I get back! Bryn is so so so close to her due date but that baby boy has to stay in there for at least 8 more days so Auntie Brittany can be there :)

Anyway, that is about it for me. The Cougars are not looking good and I think it's about time for this girl to get some sleep. Talk to you soon!

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