Friday, September 16, 2011

Sister (Moore) Act

That's a REALLY good idea, Elder. I'm almost out of cocaine and I hear the people there are so friendly! No really, that's a cool idea. Funny you should mention spontaneous trips because just today I was thinking about taking one. I found out that my new job doesn't begin for several weeks. With Alyssa in Romania and Brittany in Puerto Rico, I'm thinking I might jump on the traveling band wagon and take a long weekend somewhere in the US. Any suggestions? I've always wanted to go to Chicago, but to keep it cheap I might have to go somewhere closer, like Seattle. I think our friend Moroni would call this a white people problem.

Just finished up my second week of teaching seminary. I'm sort of getting the hang of things, but it's still very challenging. This is going to shock the internet, but I've never been much of a scriptorian. So far the experience has built my testimony of the fact that we get called to do things we suck at. I think the celestial goal there is to turn weaknesses into strengths and also to make you feel like an idiot for a while. But despite my lack of scriptural prowess, I'm enjoying the calling because the students are awesome. I spend an hour and a half every morning with thirty very energetic freshman, and they definitely keep me on my toes. Even though my students are sweet and seem like happy people, can I just say that you could not pay me any amount of money to be a high school freshman again? Such an awkward time--Boy Meets World led me to believe it was going to be way cooler than it actually was. To help with the painful transition, I try to sneak topics like bullying and self-esteem into our discussions of the Bible. Actually it fits quite well into some of the lessons, and a few times we end up having surprise group therapy, which I'm all for. Anybody have suggestions for things to discuss with them--what would have made starting high school better for you?

Peace and love from Simi Valley. I'd post pictures but I don't do anything cool.

Love, Sister Moore


  1. Sounds like you're having fun! Congrats on your job. What are you going to be doing?!

  2. You're not a scriptorian? I for one, am shocked.

    Ideas for seminary therapy:
    Also- talk about valuing yourself, being happy with where you are, and about courage to meet people and try things you're bad at.

    Also. Seminary is an hour and half long?!?