Wednesday, September 14, 2011

erin and brittany. i just had the best idea. well, i had it a couple days ago. so, i'm on a plane going to germany. i've been on it for a million hours already and i just want to be finished (you both know how i hate flying). well, luckily, there was a lady who decided to get sick. too sick to go the thirty more minutes to frankfurt. so we went 15 more minutes to amsterdam. i was somewhat annoyed with this decision. but then i looked out the window. as we were landing, i saw the prettiest earth i've ever seen. it was gorgeous. so green. so beautiful. and i could've flown over it all day. and then i sat on the plane there for about an hour and a half. bored. but then the amsterdamian (?) people came to get that lady. and they talked with the best voices. oh dutch! the dutch people, is what i should've said. anyway, i loved how they talked. it reminded me of brittany running down the hall yelling (so gonna butcher this one) valle hu frappe esta!!! made me laugh. and then i pictured erin leaning against the wall pretending to be normal or saying that's real good dutch elder or folding her arms to pray and opening her eyes and motioning us to pray too. hahhahaa. so, best idea= we all go to amsterdam sometime together. isn't that a good idea?
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